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Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Blog

Welcome to my blog.  I have been meaning to do this for quite a while now, but have never got around to it. 

This is a random set of thoughts that I want to record before I forget them - I am a very busy person with a lot to fit in to my waking hours.  I will apologise in advance to anyone who has a need for structure in a blog posting, this is being typed as my brain flits from one idea to another - so if you have trouble following this imagine trying to converse with me!

The Blog title - "Need to Feed" comes from my undiagnosed medical/mental condition that my husband (we will refer to him as "Himself") lovingly explains to bewildered guests to our home as my "need to feed".  No one escapes from our place without:

(1) having a platter of food placed in front of them
(2) being force fed something that I have created in the kitchen if they politely refuse whatever is offered
(3) a take home pack of some home cooked delights or
(4) a combination of the above. 

This extends to family, friends, casual acquaintances, tradesmen (who all love a piece of home cooked cake with their standard tradie coffee of white with two) and anyone else I can get within my grasp to taste my "experiments".

This total preoccupation I have with food and everything edible has had me described as "Australias answer to Nigella" (as well as other less complimentary terms such as "a bit crazy").  I hate to see food wasted and try to use all edible things as follows:

1. Eaten
2. Converted into something else if not eaten as it is (the "experiments")
3. Fed to the rabbits (or chooks if you have them which I hope to do soon) or meat products to dog
4. Composted if not able to be eaten by man or beast

So I can confidently say that I use all food that I purchase in feeding my family and do not contribute any food scraps to landfill.

If you are reading this and want to make a positive comment, please do so.  If you hate what you are reading just exit and never come back here / erase it from your memory / forget you read it (nobody likes negative comments).

Ciao for now


  1. I have had the pleasure of trying some of your wonderful experiments.
    Always with a lovely glass of bubbles. Always looked after at your place. Thank you.

  2. hi
    I stumbled across your blog when googling for a spicy apricot chutney recipe and was pretty excited to see that you blog from just around the corner from my home in Adelaide.

    I'm making jam, chutney and preserved apricots with the enormous bounty from my backyard tree. I live with my family and we too have recently-ish moved into an old home with mature fruit trees. We have since planted another 14 or so fruit trees, fruit vines and a huge veggie patch with keeps us happy, busy and in constant search of new ways to preserve or turn our produce into food.

    loved your enthusiasm and will keep checking back for new recipes.


  3. Wow Shauna, thanks for the comment, it is great to see that more and more people are enjoying making their own home produce rather than buying the preservative laden stuff from the shops. Must work out how we can meet up to have a bit of a "cook off"!... If you live near Magill then you are REALLY close to me!! Hope your chutney is delicious.