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Monday, July 4, 2011

Chicken soup for sick chicks

I haven't done a lot of cooking this week as I have been laid low with a nasty virus.  So I thought I would post a blog about what is important when you are feeling unwell:

(1)  Have at least one good friend with an excellent chicken soup recipe and a heart of gold that will bring it around to your doorstep within a couple of hours of finding out you are unwell (tick - thanks Nicole xx)

(2)  Have a good supply of oranges and lemons for fresh orange juice and lemon and honey drinks (I can tick that box as well)

(3)  Have two small children who have been unintentionally trained to spend hours at a time mindlessly staring at the television or playing computer games so that you can sleep all weekend (tick - thank you my two beautiful children)

(3) Have a husband who is willing to go out and play cards all day and night on Saturday, leaving you at home alone with children mentioned above and feeling close to death (hmmmmmmmm - tick)

Now, getting back to the soup.  It has often been mentioned that chicken soup is an old wifes remedy, but I found that it was really quite therapeutic.  Not only was it "made with love" (I hear chuckles from some of my gal pals who often quote me saying this), but it is nourishing and helps to keep your fluid levels up.  So don't be so quick to knock the old wifes tales.

To feed those of us who stayed at home over the weekend, I got a cooked chicken, salad ingredients, some hot dog rolls and frankfurts on my way home from the Doctor on Friday afternoon.  I also picked up a lemon curd and passionfruit tart as a treat. The kids had hotdogs for lunch while I enjoyed my chicken soup, then they had some chicken and salad on Saturday night while I had yet another bowl of chicken soup.  I squeezed fresh orange juice and made "jelly oranges" for the kids - make up a jelly and use the orange halves as "bowls" to set the jelly in.  The kids love it and it is so easy.  They also told me that they preferred the freshly squeezed "one with bits in it" orange juice better than the one that we buy from the shops so we got into a discussion about preservatives and I made a note to myself to buy a juicer as I don't think I can juice too many more oranges or lemons with my little non powered juicer.

So the chicken soup has been eaten and the carcass of the cooked chicken is now in my slow cooker making stock so I can make chicken soup for someone I care about when they are sick.

Take care!

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