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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cleaning out the Freezer

I tend to both buy and cook too much food and the leftovers find their way into our freezer.  It is so full that I am having trouble finding things in there at the moment so I decided that I would try to take out and use what is already in the freezer instead of putting more back in there this weekend.

Last night we had an Asian inspired Seafood dinner.  We had Thai fish cakes (made from the mullet that Himself caught on Kangaroo Island), Marron in Garlic Butter (again caught by Himself on Kangaroo Island) and Nasi Goreng made from some leftover cooked rice that was in the fridge from Thursday night and a few frozen prawns and peas. To go with this we had some Ginger noodles with Zucchini and Carrot Ribbons, an Indonesian inspired Green Bean and Egg salad and my favourite Chinese Cabbage Salad.  For dessert I made a dish that I haven't made in years - Coconut Pie.  If you would like any of these recipes, please let me know via the comments and I will post them for you.

Today I am making "Surprise Pies".  I have leftover Beef Stroganoff, Beef & Vegetable Casserole, Turkey & Thyme Casserole, Hungarian Goulash, Osso Bucco and Chicken Curry.  I have pulled a few of these out of the freezer to defrost.  Using frozen ready made pastry sheets and my piemaker I am going to make a whole lot of little individual pies for a quick and easy dinner tonight.   They will also be good for Himself to take to work for lunch on Monday (if there are any left).

Have a great week!

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