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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Parsley, Onions, Rosemary and Thyme

Not much happening in the garden at the moment as all the fruit has ripened and we don't have anything except the herbs and spinach to harvest at the moment.

We were digging around in the garden of the new house and found some onions and a potato plant.  We suspect that the previous owner composted all of her kitchen scraps by throwing them randomly in the garden and the onions and potatoes simply grew where they landed.  In amongst this was a huge amount of  flat leaf parsley and thyme.  We pulled up and replanted the onions in a more suitable position.  The parsley and thyme were washed, chopped and dried in the dehydrator for use later on.  While I was at it I trimmed back the rosemary and dried some of that as well.

Himself has finally got on to putting a dividing fence up so we can use the back part of the garden as a vegetable patch.  Last weekend, the upright posts went into the muddy ground and today the rails and sheets went on.  The plan is then to put in some raised garden beds and grow ourselves some vegetables that the rabbits won't be able to help themselves to.   Hopefully I will also be able to finally convince him to get a couple of chickens to run about in that part of the garden and provide us with some fresh eggs.

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