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Friday, November 11, 2011

Outsourcing boring stuff

Yes, I know I haven't posted anything for a few weeks, I have been busier than usual (believe it or not).

I often get asked how I manage to fit a full time job, parenting two young children, painting classes, kickboxing, writing this blog and all the cooking that I love to do into my life.  The answer is simple.  I do those tasks that I enjoy doing as well as what is absolutely necessary and outsource the boring stuff. 
For example, I don't like housework and it is a bit of a waste of time because as soon as you clean up "someone" comes along and makes a mess so I pay someone else to do that (you know who you are - thank you!).   I do the clothes washing and dishes at night after the kids have gone to bed, I prepare meals a day ahead or use the slow cooker for weekday meals.  We have leftover nights every now and then and I prepare the kids school lunches on the weekend and freeze so there isn't a mad rush each morning.  I also plan my meals up to four weeks ahead and do my grocery shopping in bulk on-line and have it delivered (and go to the market during my lunch time at work if I need to get extra fruit and vegetables).  I don't iron unless I absolutely have to and my house is homely and lived in rather than resembling a display home.

This is what makes me happy and relaxed, nobody suffers as a result of it and we all get to have some quality time together.

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